Scottsdale Retirement Planning Specialist

DANVION LLC is a Professional Financial Services company whose Principal is Jack Daniels, a retired Marine Corps Officer, Fighter Pilot and an experienced Retirement Planning Specialist.

Our investment philosophy is based upon the following principles:

  • Listening To You
  • Experienced Analysis
  • Telling The Truth

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Use 2010 To Get Your Future On Track

You know we spend a lot of time worrying about "things". The worry raises doubts and when we don't know what to do...often we do nothing. For most of us, if we want economic security, this is not an option.

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Who Is Danvion?

Danvion helps people, generally but not always, between 40 and 80 get what they want. Please notice I did not say "get what they should have". We should do a lot of things; lose weight, gain weight, laugh more. Usually what we should do doesn't happen. What we really want to do often becomes reality. So, what do you want? I help people get what they want or as close to it as possible. I do this by listening and then discussing various factors pertinent to you and your family. We define what you want and what assets you have to help you accomplish your goal.

Danvion is not for everybody.

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"DANVION helped me to double what I leave to my family. I couldn't believe it, but it happened."

- Margaret C.
  Phoenix, AZ


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"DANVION has put an end to the losses and we feel that we are on a predictable and secure path."

- Tom and Maria V.
  Avondale, AZ
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Danvion is a retirement planning specialist and honest retirement planning advice offering prudent investment strategies to investors throughout Scottsdale, Gilbert, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Paradise Valley and Phoenix, Arizona.